ABOUT: is a cultural venue with an intricate identity. It roofs and supports three art forms: visual arts, music and poetry, reflecting the international contemporary art trends.

It hosts individual and group expositions by Greek and foreign artists, contemporary music concerts and much more. The aim is for these creative proposals to be recorded as an integral part of the various art trends in their historic continuity.

ABOUT: supervises the production of each and every visual or music event, elaborating at the same time the structure of its overall event program. This coexistence of music and visual events, which takes place without compromising the individuality and independence of each medium, constitutes a cultural proposal. Often a visual work may constitute the framework for a music event, and vice-versa a music production may create an ambiance affecting the perception of a visual art exhibition. However, music, visual or other projects presented at this space are not inherently connected, with the exception of projects that specifically aim at presenting a combination of media.

The program also features relevant activities organized by other cultural entities, as well as a variety of other production approaches. Included are also scientific research activities that are linked with the domain of the arts.

All proceedings from the sales of art objects, books, concert tickets etc are reinvested in the activities and events organized by ABOUT:.

In spring 2012 ABOUT: celebrates its second year of operation. During that time 67 different productions: 26 music productions (48 concerts), 7 solo and 5 group exhibitions, 10 persentations/lectures, 10 educational productions were presented. In addition, 9 productions in other venues were organized.

Collectively, some 19.000 people attended these events.

Artistic Direction: Maria Aloupi, pianist / composer & Andreas Diktyopoulos, composer / programmer

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