Music for Harpsichord [ Julie Ventoura ]
The concert is a musical trail beginning with German, Italian and French baroque and continuing on to the 20th and 21st centuries with works that highlight the harpsichord’s auditory aptitude.
Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 December 2010, 20:30
admission 8 euros
MOHAMMAD give their last performance in Athens for the year 2010 only a few days before embarking on their European tour!
Tuesday 7 December 2010, 21:00
admission 8 euros
Presentation of the book "Gustav Mahler: visionary and despot" by Konstantinos Floros, Nefeli publications.
Gustav Mahler(1860-1911) - visionary and despot: Constantinos Floros, the keen Mahler researcher, has chosen these two words to describe the Austrian composer's and conductor's multidimensional personality, in his new book. Lecturers: George Zervos, Markos Tsetsos, Yiannis Foulias, Olympia Frangou – Psyhopaidi.
Sunday, 14th November 2010, 19.00
admission free
Lecture by Christa Lerm Hayes, – How Joyce plays Into Contemporary Art, 20.00 & performance and opening of Yiannis Melanitis' exhibition, 21.00.
Thursday 14 October 2010, 20:00
admission free
Wandelweiser Komponisten
Works by Michael Pisaro, Marcus Kaiser, Burkhard Schlothauer, Craig Shepard, Antoine Beuger, Anastassis Filippakopoulos. Antoine Beuger, flute & Maria Aloupi, piano.
Monday 4 & Tuesday 5 October 2010, 20:30
admission 8 euros
ΙΟΝ & Αwkward family photos LIVE
An evening dedicated to electroacoustic music. The Awkward Family Photos will improvise acousmatic music using laptops as well as analog devices, associating sounds with animated graphics for the production of an audiovisual fiction. Then ION will fill up the space with an ambient soundscape as from mystery dream. The cartel ION & Awkward Family photos will provide many surprises.
Thursday, 30 September 2010, 21:00
admission 8 euros / 5 euros (student)
Presentation of the book "Μemory Transference Project" of Iordanis Stylidis and Angeliki Avgitidou, Cannot Not Design Publications
The ideological basis of this work lies in our intention to view art as medium of influence, critical assessment, acceptance or dismissal and in these ways an intellectual uplift of every observer or demanding visitor of this site-specific installation. Lecturers: G. Tzirtzilakis , L. Papadopoulos
Saturday, 25 September 2010, 12:00
admission free
Repulsive Society: Presbyacusis 2 2 20.000 Hz
Repulive Society is a collective translating the security aesthetics and philosophy into the art field. They believe that recently –especially since 9/11– the security field has actively participated to the mutations of the society, to the sociopolitical discussion – on the international geopolitical level as well as on the internal context – and to the philosophical debates. This field has been very creative and effective. Presbyacusis 2 2 20.000 Hz is a sound performance using the security sonic frequencies panel, used in devices such as Mosquito™, Mind Molester, Brown Noise, LRAD…
Saturday, 18 September 2010, 22:30
admission 12 euros / 10 euros (students)
Sébastien Roux «cine-concert» on a film by Kurt d’Haesseleer @ MIRfestival
Sébastien Roux will also present a live set playing his own composition on a film by Belgian videoartist Kurt d' Haeseleer, created especially for MIRfestival. Kurt D' Haeseleer is the artistic director of the WERKTANK', a factory for old and new media art, in Bierbeek/Belgium.
Fridat 17 September 2010, 22:30
admission 12 euros / 10 euros (student)
Kostas Tsioukas: White floor over the ground @ MIRfestival
Subversive and with a personal view about contemporary performance, Kostas Tsioukas will present his new solo White floor over the ground on memory, history, the 1980s and nostalgia about a careless era. Kostas Tsioukas recently presents performances mixing contemporary dance and burlesque in a personal choreographic language, always in dialogue with live music.
17 & 18 September 2010, 21:30
admission 12 euros / 10 euros (student)
Sébastien Roux live «listening only» / Séance d'ecoute @ MIRfestival
French Sébastien Roux, who works at IRCAM as an assistant of Georges Aperghis and Gérard Pesson, and has had many artistic collaborations with artists form the sound and from the performance fields, will present a live set of «exclusive listening process». During those sets he presents since 2005 and defines as «sound porjections» he proposes his compositions to his audiences in conditions which favorise the absolute devotion to the sense of listening, adapted to the specific venue and time. These conditions include darkness and comfortable seating.
Thursday 16 September 2010, 22:30
admission 12 euros / 10 euros (student)
Anushiye Yarnell BEAR @ MIRfestival
British Anushiye Yarnell studied fine arts, and dance. With BEAR she leads us to a world of memories and premonitions, to a world without guilt, in the condition od absolute love a child or an animal can experience. Like "a stray humanimal" she wears herself inside out to reveal this magic relationship with the animal, this "elsewhere" people seem to forget.
15 & 16 September 2010, 21:30
admission 12 euros / 10 euros (student)
Matthias Fritsch + friends: NatryX & co, Agni Papadeli Rossetou + Natryx & ACTE VIDE + Lambros Pigounis @ MIRfestival
The three new performances initiated by German Video Artist Matthias Fritsch (http://subrealic.net) are the result of a collaborative transformation process. Lyrical videos of his have been proposed to other artists, performers and musicians as territories of intervention and interpretation.
13 & 14 September 2010, 21:30
admission 12 euros / 10 euros (student)
BIOMASS @ MIRfestival
Biomass started as a dj in Italy (Napoli) in 1996 during his studies, playing in clubs, squats, autonomous spaces. In MIRfestival Biomass will present a live performance based on sound and visual material collected during the Iraq war.
Saturday 11 September 2010, 23:00
admission 12 euros / 10 euros (student)
MIRfestival opening + Andonis P & Andriana TooT live
The new work by Andonis P (known from the period he was a member of Stereo Nova) and Andriana Toot, who both studied computer composition, is in dialogue with a video by visual artist Georgia Touliatou. It is an attempt to make tangible “movement” of sound and all its possible dimensions. The result is a composition sometimes analysing – or decomposing – sound and sometimes coming out of its complicated perplexions.
Thursday 9 September 2010, 20:30
admission free
Zeitkunst – an evening of chamber music and contemporary literature
An Evening of dialogue awaits the audience on September 4th in ABOUT: in Athens: Caspar Frantz and Johannes CS Frank who initiated the Festival Zeitkunst, a festival for contemporary literature and chamber music, will join forces with the Greek poet Dimitris Lyacos to perform a selection of contemporary literature and bring them into dialogue with chamber music.
Saturday, 4 September 2010, 20:00
admission 5 euros
Ensemble Aleph in Athens
The Centre for Music Composition and Performance - CMCP, invites the Ensemble Aleph in Athens, in order to perform two concerts of works for violin, violoncello, clarinet, piano and soprano. Ensemble Aleph is one of the major musical ensembles in Europe in the contemporary music domain.
11 & 12 June 2010, 21:00
admission 8 euros
Monday 19 April, at 8 pm, is the opening day of ABOUT: with video projections, an interactive installation and the presentation of Dirty Electronics, a live performance by the English composer - experiment artist John Richards(www.jsrichards.com).
Monday, 19 April 2010, 20:00-23:00
admission free